1. Information privacy

This User Privacy Statement describes/explains how FOWI   receives, uses, and processes the personal information and data we collect from you (“Personal Information ” or “User Information”) when a user interacts/accesses/downloads FOWI, responds to our online advertisements, or when you communicate with us by computer, phone or any other any other similar devices (collectively, “Devices”).

This provision does not apply to information we obtain otherwise, for example when you work with our staff at a Branch/Representative Office or by phone. In these cases, privacy regulations and other terms and conditions may apply.

2. Collect personal information

“Personal Information” is information about you that is personally identifiable, including but not limited to your name, address, phone number, personal mailbox address, gender information, date of birth, interests, manner, occupation, any information about you that you have provided to FOWI  in the registrations, or any similar entries, or any information about you that has been or will be collected by  FOWI, storage, use and disposal over time.

Other information: Information about location, recording function (camera), picture folder (photo), talk feature (microphone), phone book.

3. Purpose and scope of information use

3.1 Scope of information collection

Scope of Information Collection: User provision of Personal Information/Other Information is completely voluntary. However, if the user does not provide  FOWI Personal Information/Other Information, FOWI will not be able to process the User's Personal Information/Other Information for the necessary purposes and  functions when the user uses it. use FOWI. Accordingly, the provision of the User's Personal Information/Other Information is mandatory when using FOWI, and failure to provide the User's Personal Information/ Other Information may render FOWI unable to respond user needs about the services and functions that users want.

3.2 Information gathering source:

In addition to the Personal Information/Other Information directly provided by the user,  FOWI  may also obtain the User's Personal Information/Other Information from various sources such as:

- Fill in registration entries or other similar entries
- From other public sources such as contacts
- From the social networking sites of FOWI, if the user follows, likes or the user is a fan of those pages
- From events, advertisements of the copyright owner
- When a user interacts and communicates with FOWI at any event or activity
- When a user participates in emulation programs organized by FOWI
- From multiple entities or entities belonging to/related to FOWI
- Use of cookies: Through use of FOWI's websites, including all websites operated by  FOWI  and under their respective brand names (“Websites”). User Personal Information/Other Information may be recorded to analyze the number of visitors to the website and common usage patterns. Some of this information will be collected through the use of “cookies”. Cookies are small data files that automatically save an individual's number of web surfing sessions on their computer and may use cookies to restore access. If you want to disable these cookies, you can change the settings on your browser.

3.3 Right to access and use information

- By using the Application, the user acknowledges that we have the right to use various system APIs to access data on the user's phone: Read and write to the phone book; Get your current location with consent; recording function (camera); photo folder (photo); call feature (microphone). 
- Along with the right of access, we will collect Personal Information, Other Information.

4. Purpose and scope of information use

4.1 General purpose:

- To respond to user questions, comments, and feedback. Set up customer loyalty programs or other trade promotion programs. 
- To communicate with the user for any of the purposes listed in this Notice with the prior consent of the Client. 
- For internal management purposes such as auditing, data analysis, database storage, market assessment and analysis, FOWI Customers, Services. 
- To serve the purpose of detecting, preventing and prosecuting crimes. To help FOWI comply with its obligations under the law. 
-Other content for which FOWI is allowed to use Personal Information is not contrary to the provisions of the law.

4.2 Own purposes:

For customers of services provided by FOWI:

- To perform FOWI's obligations under any agreement entered into with the client. 
- To provide the customer with any lawful service requested by the customer. To process customer registrations and to provide services to customers. 
- When a customer requests to download and use the FOWI application, or to process the customer's request, to make the application available to the customer, and to provide the customer with a license to use the application. 
- To handle customer participation in any event, activity, focus group, research, contest, promotion, poll, market survey. 
- To process, manage or verify a customer's subscription to FOWI and to provide the client with follower benefits. 
- To confirm, and process payments in connection with any service requested by the customer. To understand and analyze our business and the needs and preferences of our customers. 
- To develop, enhance, and provide services to meet customer needs

For users:

- The collection of personal information/other information: Support users to perform activities of sharing personal status, looking for friends, future lovers when satisfying Fowi's conditions. 
- Bank account collection if any: In order to make the payment of service fees, special functionality provided by FOWI that the user needs to purchase in the FOWI app if available. 
- FOWI collects location information: Helps users to update current location, chat with friends; optimize the experience of finding friends. Device Information Collection: 
- To provide users with better support from FOWI. 
- Phone book information: FOWI accesses user's contact information to help users conveniently update contacts in chat, connect with friends. 
- FOWI does not store the user's contact information on a server or disclose it to other third parties without the user's consent.

4.3 Marketing and promotional purposes:

- FOWI also uses and processes customer information by post, phone, sms, in person and/or by email. 
- Send customers notices, newsletters, updates, brochures, special privileges from  FOWI, partners, sponsors and advertisers as needed. 
- Inform and send out invitations to customers about events or activities organized by FOWI, partners, sponsors or advertisers. 
- Process customer registrations for events or activities and to communicate with customers about customer participation at such event or activity. 
- Sharing Customer's Personal Information with those who may contact customers to market products, services, events

5. Information storage time

FOWI retains Personal Information only for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or as required by applicable law, or will be kept confidentially on FOWI's servers until cancellation is requested. cancel or manually log in and perform cancellation.

6. Indemnity

FOWI does not warrant that  FOWI and any dating services provided by  FOWI  will meet the requirements of users, nor does it guarantee that the operation of  FOWI  will be uninterrupted, without delay, order refusal, error, loss or destruction of information or errors due to viruses, third-party software or other force majeure risks. FOWI will be exempted from liability for problems related to the above incident (if any). FOWI is not responsible for the authenticity of the information provided by the user or the transaction between the user and the partner of FOWI or the user's violation of the law.

7. Individuals or organizations may have access to the information

The User understands and agrees that the transfer of User Information is described below:

- Transfer of Personal Information: A user's Personal Information may be transferred to, stored, used and processed in the city in which the user is located when using any of the services provided by  FOWI grant. 
- Users' Personal Information may be transferred, accessed or disclosed to third parties for Additional Purposes and Purposes. In addition, FOWI may work with other companies, service providers or individuals to perform functions, and may therefore provide access to or disclose your Personal Information to you. that service provider or third party. Third parties include, but are not limited to:
   - FOWI partners, including FOWI parties that collaborate on certain events, programs and activities. 
   - Event companies and event sponsors. 
   - Market research companies. 
   - Service providers, including, information technology (IT) service providers for infrastructure, software, and development. 
   - Professional advisors and external auditors, including legal counsel, financial advisors and consultants. 
   - Other organizations in FOWI. 
   - Government agencies to implement the provisions of the law. 
- Personal Information may also be shared in connection with business transactions.